Who We Are

We, at the Samaria church of Christ, believe that there is no real life apart from a life in Christ. Therefore, we seek to be Christians only – members of the body (the church) that you can read about in the Bible. It is not our desire to be another religious denomination. Our aim is simple: To be a group of people who belong to Jesus Christ and who pattern their lives and worship after the will of God as revealed in the New Testament.

Let us suggest that we would all agree that life is a challenge. Its sickness and sometimes terminal disease; broken hearts and fractured relationships; unfulfilled dreams and failed expectations. In our hurried world it seems that there is little time and certainly not enough hope. But God has provided a means by which we can find resiliency to cope with every facet of modern life – Jesus Christ!

His name says it all! God’s Son came to this earth in the most humble of circumstances, lived a life of virtual obscurity until He neared the age of 30, became involved in a work and ministry that has forever touched our world, and then died to be resurrected that we might have our sins forgiven and posses the same hope of the resurrection. He came that we might truly live; to enable us to stand in a right relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.

Not everyone in this world, however, has the hope that Christ promises. The faithful child of God has that hope. This group of individuals understands in a profound way that because of God’s grace, they are able to have confidence; because of His love, they have cause to be content. These characteristics are foreign in the lives of so many people today!

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